Course and lesson prices

Below are details of our lessons and course prices. Please call for details of special offers

Manual Pay as you go
1.5 Hr Lesson (recommended)
A 1.5 hr lesson can be the ideal duration for most pupils allowing you to get more from each lesson without it becoming too tiring.

I recommend this for the majority of pupils
2 Hour lesson
Manual Block Bookings
5 x 1.5hr Lesson block booking
Block book 5 x 90 minutes (equivalent to £25.33 p/h)

*Paid in advance*
5 x 2 hr Lesson block booking
Block book 5 x 2 Hours £230 (£23p/h)

*When paid in advance*
Further Instruction
Post test tuition
Driving on unfamiliar roads can be daunting for new drivers but even experienced drivers can feel nervous driving in certain situations.

We provide additional lessons and courses which are adapted to target particular areas of concern for drivers that have already qualified. Please call for details.
Block Booking Offer!
Manual Lessons £230 - saving £20 | Automatic Lessons £250 - saving £25 *When paid in advance*

Get on the road to your licence with Kiran´s Driving School
Kiran&s Driving School
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